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3D Printers – Different Types of Modern 3D Printer Technologies

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Modern 3D printer technologies use a printing process that creates 3D objects with a 3D printer. This is also known as additive manufacturing. The printer will produce a prototype of an object. In addition, the 3D printer is affordable, user friendly and quicker than other technologies. Also, it is possible with this type of technology to print parts of a material in a single process. Nowadays, 3D printers are more affordable for small and medium scale businesses. Businesses are able to use rapid prototyping at their office location.

Before the development of the 3D technology, it was a lengthy process to develop a prototype of a material. During this time, it would take expensive tools, man power and machinery to create a model of a product. With the development of rapid prototyping, it became more affordable for businesses to develop a model.

Inkjet printing is one form of the faster types of modern 3D printing technologies that prints models or prototypes in color. Inkjet printing uses power to be creative and develop a shape. Many biotech firms and academies are looking at using 3D technology for tissue engineering purposes. In addition, organs and body parts are created using inkjet printing. Also, the creations of the body parts are created in one production. This type of technology can help with organ replacements like a hip replacement. The artificial body part created with this process will have the same dimensions as the original body part. This field of technology is called computer aided tissue engineering, organ printing or bio printing.

Other 3D technologies

Some other 3D technologies are 3D scanning. In addition, 3D scanning is the duplication of a factual object without help of a molding method. Other applications of 3D technology can be used to create furniture pieces for homes and modern businesses. As well as, this type of technology is used in architectural design. It is very hard to build and glue architectural designs by hand. You will have to handle the pieces with care or risk the possibility of the design being ruined. The development of 3D technology eliminates this problem. 3D technology makes its possible to create a good design with the exact length, shape, size, width and form. Also, you will be able to evaluate project and the ability see a finished model before the project is completed.

Many schools and university are using 3d technology to teach their students about developing and designing models. This is a good advantage for students because students will learn how to use high end technologies. Also, the students will push designing to the next level with 3D technology. Some of the advantages of this type of technology are the ability to create quick results and its user friendly. Modern 3D printer technologies can save on time and cost to produce a single model of a product.

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