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OSOYOO 2017 RFID Security Master Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 (18 components included)

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We have full tech support to assist you with sample projects. For more Sample Code and DIY Project Tutorial, Please go to the web: http://osoyoo.com/2016/07/20/arduino-rfid-security-diy-starter-kit/.

Sample Projects for beginners:
P1: Using Arduino/RFID/LCD/Servo to make sample security project
P2: Flashing LEDs
P3: Using photoresistor to detect light
P4: Control traffic lights with a push button
P5: Tilt Sensor Test Project
P6: 16×2 I2C LiquidCrystal Display(LCD)
P7: Use potentiometer to control a servo
P8: Test Piezo Buzzer
P9: Decode Infrared Remote Controller with IR Receiver VS1838B
P10: How to read resistor color code
P11: Sound Sensor Module Project
P12: Use touch switch sensor and Arduino to turn on LED
P13: Use Arduino to drive HC-SR501 infrared motion sensor
P14: Use Arduino to drive 4×4 Matrix Keypad
P15: Use Arduino to drive DS1302 clock module

Package Includes:
1x I2C Display (16*2)
1x SG90 Servo Motor
1x RFID Module
1x Key Ring Blue Card
1x White Card
1x Sound Detection Sensor Module
1x Digital Touch Sensor Module
1x DS1302 Real Time Clock Module
1x HC-SR501 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Module
1x 5V 1-Channel Relay Module
1x SW-520D Tilt Sensor
3x GL5516 Photoresistor (Light Sensor)
24x LED (6 x White, 6 x Red, 6 x Yellow, 6 x Green)
10x Push Buttons
1x 4×4 Matrix Keypad
1x Piezo Buzzer
65x Resistors (20x 10Kohm, 20x 1Kohm, 20x 200ohm, 5x 1Mohm)This is an OSOYOO RFID 18-item starter kit, developed specifically for beginners who want to learn RFID DIY projects with arduino UNO R3. RFID(Radio-Frequency Identification) is a technology that can be used to identify chips or tags that contains a piece of ID. An example of RFID that we see in everyday life is an electronic door lock that enable a set of keys to unlock itself while blocking out other keys.
To help beginners use this RFID kit, we designed straight forward projects for each component. Every project has a circuit graph, sample code, and accompanying picture or video. For detail, please check the following web page: http://osoyoo.com/2016/07/20/arduino-rfid-security-diy-starter-kit/
This OSOYOO RFID Starter Kit is a good place to start learning RFID. The kit is a useful tool for teachers and students to do science fair project, science lab experiments and science club competitions.
With this RFID Starter Kit, you can learn how RFID key and receiver works, how to use RFID system to do security checks, how the Arduino controls and communicates with other devices such as LCDs, LEDs, servo motors, and keypads.
This RFID Starter kit has 15 projects for beginners, and includes 18 types of electronic components.

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