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The best small egg incubator on the market

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It’s spring; let the hatching begin! Are you looking for a great egg incubator for sale at a suitable cost? The Hova Bator  is one of the most straightforward models obtainable and is ideal for beginners, hobbyists or small scale bird farmers. Not merely is the Hova a impressive incubator for chick eggs but will additionally work for lizards, snakes and pet bird eggs.


·    Transparent plastic opening so you can observe the hatching procedure
·    Basic temperature controls and functions with thermal airflow
·    Straightforward to work
·    Uses very little power (most economical incubator existing)
·    Just right for chickens, waterfowl, game birds, tropical birds, and even reptiles
·    Can incubate up to 42 poultry eggs or 120 quail eggs.
·    18″ x 18″ x 9.5″

How does it work?

The luminous heat tube warms the interior and draws clean air through the base vents. This helps in the drying procedure after chicks are hatched. The air stream permits the incubator to be operated at one temperature for all sizes of eggs and environment conditions. It is a wonderful model that holds more consistent temperatures than most.

Here are a few reviews on this unit:

*We purchased this incubator for its simple controls so that our teenage son could hatch his own eggs from his iguana. It was the perfect size for him to place on his shelf and be able to view (throught the viewing glass) everyday. He was thrilled when all his eggs finally hatched. I was concerned on spending any money on something that seemed to only be as good as a box with a light on it but after seeing how it works and how the temperature can flunctuate I think it was well worth the money, especially when we sold the baby iguanas to a pet store and recieved plenty of money to compensate the purchase price.

*After loosing many eggs with the old fashion hatching method I eventually found this incubator that was fairly inexpensive, simple to use and had wonderful reviews. I must say that one batch of parrot eggs later I am thrilled with the results. This is a perfect incubator for any bird owner that happens to have a mating pair or for a regular bird breeder. It holds plenty of eggs and keeps the temperature perfect everyday. It was well worth the money after we lost our first eggs due to a big temperature malfunction. I just wish I had bought this sooner instead of trying to save money with the old school method.

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